After the first few weeks it started to leak through that Tungsten Studio was reorganizing there workplace.
    We all lend a hand because without help it would have been allot slower and we probably would run late in our planning for the production. So packing, moving, sanding and painting had to be done to get everything look sharp agian.

      unloading new floorboards
      men at work

      There’s a small poem i have about situations like this:

      TEAMWORK ?!
      Long ago there were three people: No-one, Someone and Everyone
      On a certain day there was a important assignment that had to be fulfilled
      Everyone was asked to do this.
      Everyone thought that Someone whould do it.
      And whilst Everyone could do it, No-one did.
      Because of that Someone got mad because it was Everyones duty and now Noone did it.
      Everybody thought that Someone could have done it, but Noone realised that not Everyone wanted to do it.
      In the end Everyone accused Someone because Noone did what Everyone could have done.

      Er waren eens drie mensen:Niemand, Iemand en Iedereen.
      Op een dag moest er een belangrijke opdracht vervuld worden.
      Iedereen werd gevraagd dit te doen.
      Iedereen dacht echter dat iemand het zou doen.
      En hoewel iedereen het kon, deed niemand het.
      Hierdoor werd iemand boos omdat het de taak van Iedereen was
      en nu had Niemand het gedaan.
      Iedereen dacht dat Iemand het had kunnen doen, maar Niemand
      had zich gerealiseerd dat niet Iedereen het wilde doen.
      Aan het eind beschuldigde Iedereen Iemand omdat Niemand deed
      wat Iedereen had kunnen doen.

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