The first week of my internship was pretty exciting i got to learn a bit of the workflow of Tungsten Studio and i started a small project for the Aviodrome.

The company has seven employees and allot of network around it so allot of freelancers and other interns are walking in and out the building on a daily bases. The first worth mentioning should be Martin Grootenboer the owner and 1st editor, Collette Grootenboer handles the financial department. The other people that are in the office side of the Studio are Joyce Drosterij (Production) and Wim (Producion Assistent) then we get to the technical side of the Studio.
John Ipkis the post-production expert and smoke editor he has the lion part of the editing jobs because Martin also takes on allot of the acquisition aswell.

Then there is Inbar she’s a After Effects intern who works on a giant projection at the moment for the NSA, and Alex who’s an intern/trainee he is eager to learn smoke and already knows allot about After Effects. This is a few screenshots of the animation we’re working on at the moment.

whiteout intro
clearer less snow
bright no snow

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