Hello again everyone,

The last few weeks have been a busy few for me and to much to blog.
I’ve been in the studios for a few days, I’ve learned allot these few days.

We recorded with the RED this was pretty interesting to work with for once, i didn’t actually record anything for myself but in between shots i could test and work with it, the camera man and the focus puller thought me allot about it and i got to find out for myself a few times.

I tryed to hang around the camera for as much as possible but there was allot of other work to.
I was the only intern that few days so i also did some photographing of stills some work as extra and allot of running up and down using nails tape and greenpaint to make or fix all sorts of props at the last minute.

What struck me emediatly at the first day was the people’s willingnis to do odd chores and help als extra.
Everyone is really helpfull and gives a 100% noone stays on the sideline if there help is needed this motivated me aswell to give it my all which everyone notices and this is a workethic thats realy necicary in the film industry because it can and will get very late sometimes and if you all stay it is realy helpfull in the extra workforce but mainly in the one for all all for one attitude because thats what makes you wanna come back the second day with a 100% motivation.

All and all it was very educational for me and ALLOT of fun as well hopefully we did a good job and all the footage looks and sounds good.

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