The last few weeks i’ve been researching a touch table with core gaming possibilitys. The main directive was to attract a new group o customers to an enjoymeny center and to create a buzz amongst the regular customers.

In our first meeting we discussed the possibilitys to build a table with gaming capacitys in the form of an pinball machine but after elaborating on the subject we foynd out that a broader appliation of the device whould better fit the purposse.

Technical information system:

i5 2.3 ghz
8 gig ram 1600 mhz
gtx 670
256 gb ssd

And a 46″ touchscreen with the standard 6 individualy recognizable points.

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  1. Sander Venema
    Sander Venema says:

    First! 😛 An interesting proposition. So basically you’re looking into developing a giant iPad?? 😛 Or is it something more than that? At least your device will have much better hardware! Can’t wait to play around with it, and see what that baby can do.

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