This holiday i’ve been updating workflow.
    I think I could do this trick with AE but èh… AE is getting a bit like Flash as in the second thing to die a prolonged death at the development team of Adobe. And Nuke delivers a (for students) free platform to work on that will work under any operating system (linux, windows and macintosh) all in 32 or 64 bit. It’s the only serious VFX application of its kind.
    my start point the photo of two poolballs on a table
    Nuke has this awesome way of just reading the obj’s and projecting a 2D image on it. So it really is 3D in a way you can add lights sources to it and it really comes together well.
    Ill probably mess a bit more with Nuke and post it hopefully people will also try Nuke there’s a free Public Learning Edition version witch is a bit restricted and leaves a watermark (50 x 15 px) in the lowerthird but still perfect to start with.

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