Early morning sessions

Totally psyched for tonight’s stream, considering to stay awake like a COD fanboy on release day or sleeping under my desk  like a VFX artist doing a render with a strict deadline. My pick is weird i know but somehow i can go totally loco about tech development especially about software.

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The Foundry is a global developer of computer graphics, visual effects (VFX) and 3D design software for the . . .

So in 1991 i started using the Adobe suite then 2.0.1 or Photoshop LE, back then i was a furiously enthusiastic about of the Macromedia suite because of the freehand tool for vector that in my opinion was superior to the Illustrator tools.

Allot of effort and time went into learning the over-encumbering interface and learning how to manipulate it to my wishes. As the years went by i learned how and the application evolved, reducing the time messing in the interface. Now over 21 years later I use all sorts of software tailored to the project at hand and allot to the effort that went into the interface of software now goes to third party plugins speeding up my workflow and reducing hours of work to mere seconds.

In my search for a better keying tool (used to cut out the green screens behind a person). I came across The Foundry. back then a company was mainly known for their plugins like, Keylight, Kronos and Rollingshutter. But during the development of the film Avatar they build their plugin Occula for Stereoscopic imaging. During the project the tool Nuke was presented, i was studying the facts of stereoscopic imaging for my thesis during that time and saw the potential for the software. Now I’m looking at a softwaresuite containing several replacements for some of the old tools i used. I’ve already replaced After effects with Nuke and NukeX especialy since my stereoscopic thesis but I am probably going to try and use more of their software.

Currently allot of the stereoscopic action is on the Oculus a headheld S3D device (pun intended). But I’m in a lower budget my current interest changed to the development of the cardboard direction. The main focus of my specialty is stereoscopic imaging this is getting somewhat warped because of the spherical information needed for both (all) devices.

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