I’ve been helping out on a goa festival and i had two cameras with me.
    Last Saturday we were building a big part of the decoration for this event this is a short timelapse which shows the building of a giant deer.
    Wonder how its going to look finnished? come to Goa Fantasy @ Gauw 26 June.
    One but to this party, it’s fancy dress, meaning get creative or hire a costume.
    It’s the third run of this festival it’s going to be a grand success and i’m sure it will be worth the trouble of thinking up a costume.

    Creative idea for the wooden deer was from Maarten Tot.
    The edit is from myself i’m not proud on the material but i got to caught up in sawing lumber for the guy to make it go faster.
    We only had limited amount of tape/SD memory with us and since it was on a farm no way to capture the data.

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