So as a faithfull dog i bought another Nvidia gfx card just for clarity, i had the GTX 260 a nice model with good support and serious noise constant droning for 7 years until it collapsed earlier this year. So as a idiot consumer Nvidia takes me for i go and do my research and after allot of deliberation i decide to go for something I trust, the ’60 series of Nvidia.

So i got the GTX 960 a “serious” investment on a very unfortunate moment so i couldt go the extra mile for a 970. After a quick look at the package i hoped for a quieter experience then my last card, low noise, passive/active cooling, less watts and about 7 generations from my former card. You’d expect a decent upwards spiral in developent of these products so what is the end result.

Well I’m very confident in telling you people at Nvidia are deaf, utterly hearing impaired or at least audiologicaly handicapped from the shoulders up. COIL WINE in 2015 900 series Nvidia cards not the ignorable kind but the kind i used to pick up from my 386 on the radio. If i play racing games i could use distortion on it and i would have added realism.

But seriously a mid to high end video-card shouldn’t have these kind of troubles i feel ripped off by Nvidia for releasing this crap. And altough i browse anonymously with duckduck go coilwine only returns Nvidia 900 cards lately so it seems i’m not the only one.

I say we tell them what we think on their and our own social media lets see if they make a nice arrangement for this crappy product.

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