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As we progressed through the ages we have increased the size of our family progressively with it.

When we where just crawling out of our caves we had just the relation of our kin, as we hopped into the middle ages brotherhood extended though language and then religion crossing the borders of countrys and overlapping brotherhoods and family ties.

Now as we enter the digital age we expand our family once more crossing old borders like lines in the sand. The internet has brought us together yet it has distanced us from our first circles of familiarity, our kin. As the people before us had the responsibility, whether it be for a higher cause or personal gain to educate us about the rule in the family, our fathers and mothers, political leaders, country leaders and finally religious leaders have always been there to hold our hand while we navigate the extends of our family’s/brotherhoods. Now with the digital age we are the new gurus and in my humble opinion we have an obligation to guide the next generation in the use and responsibility’s of the internet. What can we say what can we do how do we interpreted the information and how do we use it to the fullest of its potential without hurting the interests of other party’s within this great internet circle.

There should be more room for controversial voices on the internet not because they have the right to advertise or becuaseof freedom of speach or something but because we as a family should be aware of what conspires within our community.This wil give people peace of mind and we have the opportunity to discus and advice on mediation or consessions to realize our mutual benificiary goals, this is our latest but not last solution how we could help this world keep his or her way.

After a long observation of modern pop I’ve come to a conclusion about a format to success that evolved in the last few years. For as long as pop music has been around there have been many roads towards success and some people have a gift that is unique and they hone it to perfection but there can be seen certain patterns that surface after keen observations of the careers of the the many. I’m going to make a lot of assumptions in this article and i want to excuse myself for it beforehand. I want to invite you the reader to give me your piece of mind about my thoughts. Commenting is free and gives me great satisfaction to read and respond.

The Elvis Epos

Back in the days we had the Elvis formula, something that has withstood the test of time up till now. First an artist climbs to a certain height within a strict and usually child friendly format, slowly gathering a young crowd of people that are allowed to listen by their parents in that way appealing to as many people as possible.

Then comes the decline/first fall and the artists go through a period of personal neglect and controversial life decisions, usually resulting in a short incarceration. In that period the artist has the possibility to break free of his former perceptions of perfection. (jailhouse rock)

After this time the time of redemption comes, issuing a crossroads to either come back to a more mature crowd because of the redemption you’ve found through the former period, or artist chooses to be more mature by trying to be sexy and edgy because of their rebirth/transition into depravity. (Britney Spears and Cristina Aguilera have been quite successful with this)

Back to the present, we’ve been entertained by a lot of artists that have successfully completed this sequence of events to their personal advantage, but something has changed.

Hate and love are two things that attract attention from a crowd but after long deliberation (probably by a marketing department) we’ve found out that negativity gathers more attention then positivity.

With negativity we have both pro and contra enraged, love knows more nuance then hate, hate tends to boil over in a more drastic matter, someone insulting your favorite artist usually begets more movement in a crowd then a positively intended shout for your favorites.

The Bieber Sequence

So there are not a lot of people that could have missed the beliebers and their frontman Justin Bieber. In my humble opinion this young guy has successfully pitched a new model for world fame together with other eccentric artists he has discovered that controversy, disregard for morals and hate will bring much more “traffic” you shouldn’t buy a CD for an artist that you hate but you are strongly compelled to click his video for free. Yet this is the market model for income for these artists nowadays and this will pay the guys you hate more then the artists you love.

Al tough I seriously dislike this practice I can understand its success hopefully you agree and restrain yourself from clicking the people you dislike in the future only this will bring the music industry back music.

Support your artists!

As some of you may know by now, i like to walk the thin line of the bleeding edge of technology. In my student period that meant Stereoscopic 3D was all the rave, but now things have evolved allot again and we’ve come a long way from then. Some blogs and websites have stated that […]