Blogging with a friend i discovered i do not realy blog that much, so to get back to that topic.

I’m currently working on some minor projects to keep my stove buring.
The touch table i mentioned earlyer has been formulated correctly to the client and should be getting a approval sometimes soon.
In my search i’ve ran into some funny and inspirational aplications.

For example the application Bumptop a desktop alteration that actualy make the desktop enviroment much more usefull and fun.
I’ve seem to have an older version running because the project just got bought by google so this functions will probably be partially or fully implemented in either google glass or google OS.

And leap motion, a gesture device that rocked my world. This is a true gesture device. And is one that will topple the mouse and perhaps even in time the keyboard. For some people the interface of Minority Report was looking realy nice and intuitive but this takes the cake. This llooks like the next logical possible step for intuituve navigation instead of Tom Cruise his dails ans levers on a screen.


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