A life long learning,

Some things never change, teachers are evil or just plain bad, systems fail or leave obvious ways of exploit.
But somethings did change for me, one year ago I started with my challenge to teach students the beauty and splendor of programming and media.

My tasks here have come to an end and i learned allot from everyone. The kids nowadays have a head-start on parts of technological means compared to us only ten to fifteen years ago. Whilst i was teaching these rascals i discovered that communication with this group of students was becoming increasingly more fragmented mainly because teacher tools are allot slower and less advanced in use then the tools the kids use.

For example mail compared to direct messaging.
Or Electronic Learning Environment’s (ELO) compared to drop box or one drive.
So to make a personal contribution to a solution I’ve been trying to successfully implement slack in our community.

This had some great results and we’re using it allot across the whole school now, between teachers and supporting personnel and of course with students or external parties or international guests. It’s fun and useful to communicate more transparent although you’d not specifically notify your colleagues they might read up into your students projects. Or see certain developments in your students they might like to encourage.

For this reason i made a little questionnaire to find out what are you using?

(please only participate if your part of a educational course longer then 1 year.)