It’s been a while for me to be writing again, first off it’s pre- production time again.
This time its for one of the old teammates and a few friends we’ve made along the way.

The production title i can’t give away yet but it will use a considerable amount of music and audio production.
The light department will also make a few tiny steps,  lights are an essential part of any film or photography production unit but,
I’ve never actually owned any equipment myself, mainly because of the individual and specific nature of my productions secondly because I couldn’t afford to buy it all.

This sometimes seems weird to people although it feels natural to me to rent equipment instead of buying the world on light, rigging cameras and other electrical or mechanical inventory. This time we’ll rent a few heavy-er tungsten lights for a few shots where there’ s some distance to the target and a few professional led fixtures. The cost are a minimal around 200 euros. This way allot of effort can go into taking the shot instead of “making it” in a artificial matter with either post production or incredible effort on the light sensitivity of our camera.

Hopefully we’ll be filming mid September somewhere.