• My appliance to Tungsten Studio in i was a bit nervous when i stood in Amsterdam all of a sudden.
  • the intern from Jelmer Stolp on Vimeo.

    just a fun video of my first visit to my new internship company?….. dunno if that was a right discription.

      In my awe of it all i forgot to take of my hat. at least i got to see the inside of the studio, which was very nice a small team but a complete pack. i’ve got two take a peek at the most a few were going all out for a deadline they had.
      All in all the talk took about 20 minutes but in-between her work she could look at some examples of old projects.
      So the whole visit lasted for about an hour and a half.
      Next week ill start my internship ill keep up the blogging about my internship under a separate category.

    Downsouth Drive-In Cinema,

    This assignment came to me through some of my teachers at the NHL.
    A set of trailers for a drive in cinema, i had only a short time in advance so i decided to make a format to save me time later on.
    The idea was orriginally intended to be made in NukeX but my edl won’t permit loading or rendering Nuke compilations into AVI.

    The compilatino is made quickly in AE just for fun and because i think if youre promoting a drive in cinema and making trailers this is one way to do it without plain telling them over and over. through a few subtle effects i think it realy brings a bit of the drive-in feeling.