New Attraction

3 Juni – New Attraction
Aanstaande zaterdag is er weer een nieuwe editie van New Attraction uiteraard is Flying Dirtmen hierbij aanwezig. We gaan hier stevig de Dirtmen uithangen en natuurlijk de vetste beelden van de dag schieten die jullie volgende week uiteraard weer kunnen spotten op en hier. onder Video.

Today we had our assessments, it was my final assessment so i let that sink in and took a picture to remember it by plus its allot easyer when you order hitmen to have photos then composition drawings.
Allot has happened last semester and today we will have to attone for our sins to get our points.
Math Cartoon
I needed a few more points to get enough to go on my internship and i think i got them all now.
Today was a tough day with allot of talk but it all worked out in the end and i have my points.

Entrepreneurs beware! Internship here i come!

    I’ve been helping out on a goa festival and i had two cameras with me.
    Last Saturday we were building a big part of the decoration for this event this is a short timelapse which shows the building of a giant deer.
    Wonder how its going to look finnished? come to Goa Fantasy @ Gauw 26 June.
    One but to this party, it’s fancy dress, meaning get creative or hire a costume.
    It’s the third run of this festival it’s going to be a grand success and i’m sure it will be worth the trouble of thinking up a costume.

    Creative idea for the wooden deer was from Maarten Tot.
    The edit is from myself i’m not proud on the material but i got to caught up in sawing lumber for the guy to make it go faster.
    We only had limited amount of tape/SD memory with us and since it was on a farm no way to capture the data.

    3D Anaglyph or Red / Cyan the oldest trick in the book but then shot with two cameras.
    3D Splitscreen side by side.
    This option delivers the new age 3D the only thing you need is a top of the line monitor and a pair of shutterglasses

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