Allot of computer frustration, comes from hardware.

You might be a average user but what does define you and your computer usage? Might it be that one game you’d like to run and eventually will install although you might not have considered it when you first bought it, would you like to grow into a producer of media-x and you’d like the proper hardware to achieve industry standards.

Or might you be interested in a presentation of a product with a technical solution that attracts the attention of the crowd without cumbersomeness or underachieving hardware.

We will start with outlining the task in concept, the user profile and the maintenance schedule for the hardware.
After this advice which in all probability will have a high-end and low-end solution  proposition we will leave the customer to make the final decision on his own or in company of others.
When a decision has been reached we will either assemble, install and instruct or any variation of the latter to achieve a solid workflow, system resource efficiency and maintenance of the hardware.

Allot of problems encountered in system maintenance and the over al usage of computers are that people spend to much money on hardware they hardly need this can result in allot of dissatisfaction and inefficiency.

It hardly ever means that you have to spend allot of money, this means spending the right amount of money for the perfect solution and not overspending to compromise your work-flow and possibly even system stability.