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Jelmer Stolp


    Task @ hand: Camera
    Text @ hand: I was asked to help out in a last minute project of mjuks.

Keith Elam (July 17, 1961 – April 19, 2010)

Gifted, Unlimited Rhymes Universal or a maybe more appropriate now God is Universal; he is the Ruler Universal.
the duo gangstarr

A silent death compared to others that have recently been parting from us that came to me as a shock.
I’ve been devastated over the fact that the artist that successfully brought together hip-hop and jazz died.
A while ago one of my idols rapped his last breath, Guru.

He was and will always be the Guru that made me go soft on Erykah Badu and so much other artists i never knew before then…
I’ve seen him in “Het Bolwerk” a music stage in Sneek and was very impressed by his message.
He was not the average hip-hop dude that made a duet he was gifted in bringing the right vibe to the right artist.



Baerveldt Vormgeving

Last year i’ve been consulted for a website for Baerveldt Vormgeving.
This site was due for a serious overhaul it took a while becuase we needed to make a custom cms.
It’s not my ambition to learn that much of coding but i did do a great deal of coding on this project.
The grafical concept is of both Sander Venema and myself. In the beginning the wood pattern was added to the style it’s not really my favorite addition, because i liked it better plain because i hink it leaves more room for the designs of the woodwork.

Check the url: http://www.baerveldtvormgeving.nl