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Pooled Communication

Direct, or instant messaging can annoy the living daylights out of me. Having to constantly sift through all the shit–riddled message streams from work colleagues & students – all mixed in with private matters. Or being bugged during every waking hour of the day with unimportant messages from all sides. This morass of communications is […]

License confusion

Back in the 90’s we used to be comfortable downloading most, if not all software, from sites such as download.cnet.com and others that were commonly accepted to be reliable websites. But over the years the landscape has changed a lot. Not that the sites have changed much. Download.cnet.com is still up and still distributes a […]


A few weeks ago I’ve asked a class of first year students what they would like to learn. After short deliberation they decided for JavaScript. Now I haven’t got the spare time during their regular program to fit it in so I’ve taken the liberty to place it all here for those with extra time […]


1. “Alsjeblieft” De basis is altijd eenvoudig, maar behandel de anderen met respect. In het bijzonder onder druk of stress is het makkelijk om eenvoudige zaken over het hoofd te zien maar voor degene aan het andere eind van de conversatie kan het een enorm verschil maken of iemand je de orders blaft of een […]

The Art of Storyboarding

Previsualization and storyboarding will vary production to production, but it’s important to have some sort of idea about what you’re shooting before you shoot it. Often there are stories about famous directors coming on set and making it up as they go along, but this isn’t the most ideal way to work, especially when your […]